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Introducing Stressvest™

StressVest™ is the world’s first non-projectile force on force firearm tactical training system capable of delivering a pain penalty. The StressVest™ offers marksmanship point of aim accuracy with Blank Based System, additional Sensor Panels, Advanced IED integration, wireless externally worn StressX™ PRO belt and an Instructor CQT Tablet making it the most advanced force on force system in the world today.

Injured Officer Mode

Injured Officer Mode allows for the replication of an injury. When the student is shot by the suspect the student will be delivered a shock. The shock will then continue to fire randomly for the rest of the scenario. This causes a continued pain stimulus that the officer must fight through to reach his/her goal.

In this video, the tactical officers are practicing room entries. Watch the officer on the right. As they come through the door they are met by a suspect armed with a gun. The officers fire at the suspect, while the suspect fires back and hits the officer on the right. The officer on the right has to continue to fight through the pain for the rest of the scenario. an armed suspect.

Move to Cover Mode

Move to Cover Mode is designed to create movement in the student during a fire fight. Each time the student is hit, the pain penalty continues to increase. This causes them to start moving during the fire fight.

In this video, the tactical officer is involved in a shoot out with the suspect. As the tactical officer starts to get hit with each shot, the pain penalty increases causing him to start moving out of the doorway. Both suspect and officer are using the SIRT StressVest version, laser dry fire training pistols.

StressVest Durability Testing

In this video, the durability of the StressVest panels and controller are shown. Even though the StressVest is not designed to specifically for impact, they are built to withstand even the most rigorous scenarios.

Mask vs No Mask

Video shows one of the major advantages of the StressVest system. No facial protection allows for the ability to read facial expressions and hear clearly.


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