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Sync the StressVest & StressX™ PRO Belt

Since the StressX™ PRO Belt is wireless, it must be paired with a StressVest® receiver shell. This process is called syncing and it takes just seconds.

StressX™ PRO Belt's can also be synced to the Instructor CQT Tablet so they can be remotely configured and activated by the Instructor.

Put on the StressVest® and StressX™ PRO Belt

The lightweight StressVest® receiver shell is designed to record center mass incapacitation hits to the front or back (optional side and head panels are also available).

The StressX™ PRO Belt is worn externally around the waste, where it delivers a vibration or a safe localized shock to the abdomen.

Customize Your Training

The StressX™ PRO Belt can be set to vibrate for Role Players or shock for Trainees. In shock, the pain penalty is fully adjustable from low (1) to extreme (4). Instructors can then choose between 12 Advanced Training Modes to further enhance the training and achieve specific training objectives.

Start Training!

Unlike other proximal laser based systems, the StressVest® system requires point of aim accuracy while shooting. StressVest® can be activated by either dry fire, CO2, or blank fire training weapons. It can also be remotely activated through the CQT Instructor Tablet or Integrated Training IED's.

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